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Jobs by sankin

I will Preform a love spell ritual for you. for $50

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I will dance naked around a Bonfire outside of my apartment While chanting the Buddhist love mantra. Afterwards I will go inside and preform several attract love candle magic spells for you. Then I will perform a sympathetic sex magic act on your behalf. Finally I will perform a voodoo love ritual after collecting something of yours and his/hers.

Lesson 1 will be the basics, getting to understand the cards. Lesson 2 will be advanced, getting to know how the cards interact with one another. Lesson 3 will be amateur, getting to know the Tarot spreads. Lesson 4 will be professional, actually practicing the spreads and divining the future. All lessons(calls) will be for 1 hour long and I will make sure we stay on subject.

This is a huge spread that covers your whole entire life if you remain on your current path. This will cover 5 major points; Life, Love, Financial, Family, and Social. This will also cover several minor points such as; mental health, age of death, weaknesses and strengths, as well as many more than I have room to wright.

I will do a simple Tarot reading for $5

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I will give a 7 card reading for $5, to answer yes or no questions. I will do x3, 7 card yes or no spreads for $10. I will give a full year 12 card reading, or a full year Celtic cross reading for $20. Celtic gives more insight on a particular subject in the next 12 months. If you contact me about the Celtic cross, please be very specific about what subject you want to get insight on.

This is a very descriptive reading that will give you insight to how your life will play out if you marry that special someone in your life. Be warned I am not responsible for any good or bad news that comes from this reading.

I will tell you whether she likes/loves you or not for $5

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He/She loves me, He/She loves me not. But now you will know the answer, with the help of a deck of Tarot cards.

This is a simple spread. Use the Tarot cards to help answer a simple question. Must only have two possible choices,(ie, yes or no, up or down, etc).

I will do a 3 card one day reading for $5

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This is a simple spread. It will alert you to what will be happening throughout today, or tomorrow if you get your reading in the afternoon.