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I'm a very honest, caring person. I always look for the brighter side in every situation. I've been studying tarot for almost 15 years. I'm clairvoyant and an empath.

Jobs by rebelstarreader

I will give you a 20 minute reading via phone or Skype. You'll be allowed to ask anything you wish. I will not sugar coat anything or tell you what you want to hear. If we're still discussing something at the 20 minute mark, I will not just hang up on you. I will finish up and then politely say goodbye :)

I will do a psychic reading by email for $5

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I'll give you my personal insight on up to 5 questions. Only serious questions, please :)

I will do tarot readings by email. for $5

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I will do your choice of a tarot spread. Celtic Cross - 10 card spread that gives a general overview Week Ahead - 8 card spread that gives an idea of what to expect the next week Question and Answer - 7 card spread that gives can help you decide and understand a problem or issue. Seven-card Progression - Gives a deep understanding into past and future. I will send a picture of the cards and explain each position and the card in it