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I am an anaretic degree Piscean, meaning I was born in the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. I was born clairvoyant. I do not know what it is like not to be psychic or sensitive to the energy around me. My readings are not ordinary. I do them while in a deep theta meditative trance I'm adept at self-inducing through sound and meditation. From there, I apply my highly sensitive and well-honed clairvoyant skills to view with to receive optimal depth and detail or to receive clarity with visions.

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Naturally, I am not available 24 hours a day, but I am available daily and many hours day and night. MSG me at and if I am online, I can do your reading right then. This is a live psychic reading of three minutes. You can buy increments of three minutes or 15 minutes for $25.00. I am flexible. Read my profile to see my skills.

I will answer a question NOW for $5

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Do you have an urgent question? Need peace of mind now? Don't wait! I will provide a detailed answer to your question using deep theta clairvoyant psychic skills for optimal depth and detail.

I will tell you how you died in three past lifes for $5

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I will self-induce a deep theta meditative state and will then apply my highly perceptive clairvoyant skills to regress your energy and view your past three lifetiimes from most recent moving back in time, so that I can see how you died. I will share details of the events surrounding your death and how you died (mode of death).

Want to know if your pet is happy and what your pet feels toward you? Does your pet love you? Feel loyal? Is it miserable and wanting to escape? Angry? Sick? Find out what your pet can't tell you and what it would tell you if it could. This reading is done in a self-induced deep theta meditative trance and applying highly focused clairvoyant skills.

I will self-induce into a deep theta medium trance state and apply my clairvoyant skills to view your future and how you will die. I will provide you with details surrounding your death, mode of death and what your funeral will be like.

I will go into a deep theta meditative medium state and use my clairvoyant skills to remotely detect and view a spirit that may be inhabiting your home. Note: not everyone has spirits in their home, but MOST do. Also, know that there are different kinds of spirits with different reasons for being in your home. Find out if there is a spirit in your house, why the spirit is there, whether it is good/bad/benign.

I will meditate into a theta clairvoyant trance using sound and meditation skills. In this very deep psychic state - the deepest psychic medium state known possible, I will utilize my clairvoyant skills to provide you with optimal depth and detailed channeling to hone your question. This level of psychic skill makes a huge difference in gaining clarity in vision. I will share what I see in that deep psychic state with you.