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Jobs by lovelightwork

Great reading for if you're planning or trying to move to a new location. It looks at what are your challenges, what needs to be done, what has to happen before you can move, what type of place is beneficial for you and how will you find this place. Please note i don't give an exact location like a town of country.

This reading will concentrate on your focus, your talents and your challenges. It will tackle what needs to be changed in order to be more successful and what needs to happen including the outcome for up to 6 months from now on. Very useful reading if you're confused or stuck at your work place or finding a job.

Great reading to understand your career situation. It shows you if you're on the right path, how is it benefiting you, what you should change, etc. The reading covers as follows: 1- Have you chosen the right career? 2 -Is it a secure career? 3 -Should you make changes, adjust or go? 4 -Outcome

Are you wondering if he or she has the same feelings as you? Want to know if there is a chance between you two? Then this is the perfect reading! These are the things that the reading will cover: -Core of Situation -What you feel -What he/she feels -What you need -What he/she needs -Hidden factors -Advice, Key -Expected outcome

Are you wondering who will be the next guy or girl you will meet? Are you just wondering when love will enter your life? Then this reading is perfect! This reading touches on: Why haven't you found love, what needs to be done in order to find it, who your next relationship will be with, when will the relationship start, etc. Please note i won't give an exact date, i will give the season of the beginning of your next relationship.

A very simple tarot reading on the general situation. Usually the cards pick up the situation the querent is concerned about, but if there's a certain topic you want, let me know. An easy spread for love, health, career, etc. The spread is as follows: 1-The Present Situation 2- How the situation will evolve 3- Outside Influences 4- Advice 5- Outcome You'll get an extra Oracle card from Daily Guidance from your Angels deck.